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Einfache und komplexe Muster

l: Yaacov Agam, 1960er
r: Bridget Riley, Static 2, 1966

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l: John F Simon, Every Icon, 1997
Soda Constructor is a Java based physics engine

Jodi, playthrough of untitled-game Ctrl-Space
Untitled game (2001) is an artwork comprised of fourteen small software programs with an accompanying website,
untitled-game.org. The website houses the Untitled game program files for download and additionally serves to
document the underlying code of the software, as well as its file and directory structure. each Untitled game program
is a different modification or “mod” of the commercial software Quake 1 (1996), a hugely popular video game that
helped establish long- standing conventions for the first-person shooter game genre. The fourteen mods each abstract
the experience and graphics of Quake through unique manipulations of the original code.


Kim Asendorf, animated gif


Grischa Lichtenberger - 1011_11_Ss1, 2012

Nicolas Sassoon: Patterns


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Scott Snibbe, Gravilux, App
Der Algorithmus von Gravilux bringt einen Punktraster zu jeder Musik zum Tanzen,
die der User aus seiner eigenen Musiksammlung auswählt.