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Repetition, Time Warp, Loop
Segmentation and Repetition as Methods of Abstraction in Films


Fernand Léger / Dudley Murphy / George Antheil (M), Ballet Mécanique, 1924 (detail)


Peter Roehr, 12 Wolkenkratzer, 1965, aus »Filmmontage I-III«


Zbigniew Rybczynski, Tango, 1980


Martin Arnold "Alone life wastes, Andy Hardy" (Austria, 1998), 16 mm, N/B, 15 mn


(Daniel Pflumm, Question & Answer, 1998)


Chemical Brothers (Music), Michel Gondry (Video), 'Let Forever Be', 1999
(Further videos with cloning effect: Virgil Widrich, Copy Shop, 2001
and Michel Gondry (Video), Kylie Minogue (Music), Come Into My World, 2001

Oliver Laric, Aircondition. Animation, 2006            (>> click >>)


Bonobo (Music), Cyriak (Animation): Cirrus, 2013 (see also cows & cows & cows by Cyriak)

François Beaurain, Monrovia animated. Animated Gif, 2014