An investigation of artistic abstractions in the digital age  
  Ein Studienprojekt zur digitalen Abstraktion in der Gegenwartskunst 

o   the project   |||   das Projekt

o   the exhibition
Works of 18 contemporary artists - april/may 2016 at
HeK (House of electronic Arts Basel).  A documentation

o   online-collection
A multimedia collection of abstract visual formats from the history
of modern art and digital art with an emphasis on moving images.

o   der digitale Katalog (german)
E-Book mit Essays, 3 Kunst-Inserts und Bericht zur Ausstellung.
(Mac: Nach dem Download das File '...katalog.epub' in iBooks öffnen.     info
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Ankündigung im Blog des Institut Kunst HGK/FHNW

o   our blog   (d/e)

    A coproduction of, the Art Institute of the Academy of Art and Design
    in Basel FHNW and HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel)

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